iNFable socks Press Release 11/11/2020

John F Hendershot, President Of iNFable Brand Announces the First Eleven Winners Of the“Founder Impact Award”.

“iNFable Socks” is a novel social justice and awareness brand founded by John F Hendershot in 2018. The founder has recently announced the winners of the "Founders Impact Award 2020". The award is presented to dignitaries from diverse sectors who emulate the values of giving hope, showing love, & teaching what is meant by displaying gratitude.


The world is home to seven billion people and every person on this planet is impacted by a lot of things. The importance of raising awareness about social issues is now higher than it was ever. In order to make this world an inclusive place, it's crucial to build awareness about social, medical, and environmental issues. iNFable is a unique idea that utilizes an everyday use item socks to support good causes, provide hope, and spread positivity. The company is on a mission to remind every human to be compassionate and to comprehend the struggles of people around them. The core objective of this mission is to bring people together to support a common cause by providing them stylish, fun, and quality socks. Each design is dedicated to an individual cause.


John F. Hendershot, the founder, and president of socially-minded clothing brand iNFable never misses any opportunity to encourage and appreciate people who are on the same journey of helping humanity through supporting social movements. To recognize the contributions of inspirational personalities from different industries who are spreading hope, love and displaying gratitude in their own unique way, the president has announced the winners of the “Founder Impact Award”


Selecting the list of winners was quite challenging. All the nominees were remarkably talented and inspirational who are working extensively to transform people's lives. We have meticulously selected our first eleven winners and congratulate all the winners on this accomplishment.” says John F Hendershot, President of iNFable Brand.


The names and organizations of first recipients of this prestigious Founder Impact Award are as follows


  1.  Kevin Browett, SEEN Magazine
  2.  Christy Buck, Founder of Be nice.
  3.  Bridget Clark Whitney, Founder & CEO of Kids Food Basket
  4.  Dr. Floyd Wilson, Jr - Cancer & Hematology Associates of West Michigan
  5.  Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, Center for Autism & Related Disorders
  6.  Scott Harrison, Charity Water
  7. Jane Eppard, Family Hope Foundation
  8. Krista Mason, Benjamin's Hope
  9. Dondrea Brown, 1428 Financial Wellness
  10. Shannon Cohen, Shannon Cohen, INC.
  11. Maggie Duba, West Catholic High School for Sportsmanship 


About the Company:

"iNFable Socks" is a company that is focused on making a medical, social, and environmental impact for good. Each sock design from the company represents and supports a unique cause. The company was established in 2018 and is currently based in Grand Rapids Michigan. The company has worked with several leading nonprofits and a portion of the proceeds is donated to several non-profit organizations. The company provides customized uniquely designed socks to charities and social justice movements. In addition to this, the company also produces branded socks for Schools, Non Profit and Corporate Organizations

Contact Information:

John F. Hendershot

iNFable, LLC

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA