"Join the Movement: iNFable Socks - More Than Just a Novelty, a Social Enterprise for Change and Awareness"

iNFable is more than just a business selling novelty socks; it is a social enterprise that advocates for change, enlightenment, and awareness towards causes that deeply affect humanity. Founded by John F. Hendershot in 2018, iNFable has become a leading advocate for those in need, spreading awareness of prevalent human dividing factors and using their socks to bridge those gaps to form wonderful unification and equality.

Every sock that iNFable showcases comes with a distinct purpose, to give back to the community and planet to build a brighter future while also providing people fun quality socks to improve their quality of life. And with each purchase, customers can have the solidifying confidence that their investment is donated to charities and nonprofits to support that mission.


The iNFable team has touched many community areas and has branched into surfacing awareness of humanity dividing factors such as race, ethnic groups, geographical locales, gender, religions, etc., to promote a more equitable society by using their socks to bridge the divide. And customers have the opportunity to invest in the particular design associated with a cause they are passionate about, giving them a say in where the donations go.


There are many causes that iNFable is associated with, including foster care awareness, SIDS awareness, leukemia awareness, mental health awareness, human rights for caregivers, refugee awareness, autism awareness, Alzheimer’s awareness, infertility awareness, COVID-19 awareness, substance abuse awareness, diverse cancer awareness, diabetes awareness, Hashimoto's Encephalitis Awareness, hepatitis C awareness, animal abuse awareness, and many more.


In the end, iNFable is a social enterprise that sells more than just novelty socks; they are boldly selling advocation, change, enlightenment, and awareness towards causes that deeply affect humanity. By investing in their high-quality socks, customers can become a driving supporter for positive transformations in the world. So, if you are ready to become part of something bigger than yourself, head over to iNFable's store and pick out your favorite pair or pairs. The powerful and invigorating feeling of contributing to a higher movement, all while being optimally cozy along the way, is something that cannot be matched.