Our Brands Story

Q: What should I do now?

A: Why don’t you sell socks?

This is the conversation that sparked the creation of iNFable, a brand that has sought to redefine the apparel industry by doing things our way: providing quality apparel with an emphasis on charitable giving. And this has constituted our philosophy since conception with years of combining our founder’s deep love for fun, bright, and quality socks with his passion for making a difference. What better way to support various causes than by wearing a symbol of that commitment daily to remind you of them? This is the form of connection that iNFable seeks to solidify by inspiring shared experiences via cozy and stylish socks.

Socks as a way of self-expression!

At iNFable, we believe that every person is created with innate value, so much value that they are too great to be expressed using words. Where words fall short, actions speak louder and what better way than through a diversity of high quality combed cotton socks which reflect your current mood, brighten your day, and add personality to your style. For it is from the individuality of people that we obtain our exclusive unisex adult and kids’ socks designs yet it is in their collaborations and unity that our vision for a better world and an improved tomorrow is realized as a portion of the proceeds we get is donated to charities and non-profits. By expressing yourself your own way, you touch the lives of others!

The perfect combination of fashion and philanthropy

Featuring unique designs that are great to style with, each sock is packed with a purpose - a specific cause focus. Whether you have a particular preference or are driven to help several causes, boldly step out in your iNFable and be an advocate - a champion - for those in need. At iNFable, we bring awareness to different causes and issues that deeply affect us as a people across all races, ethnic groups, geographical locales, gender, religions, among other dividing factors. We are firmly grounded in the belief that everyone can take deliberate steps to help create a more just and equitable society and we are using the love of socks to bridge the divide. This is humanity at its finest!

iNFable; A Bold Statement for a Great Cause!