The iNFable Vision

Since the beginning of this crazy journey there has been one constant vision that has kept me moving forward.

You may see a cartoon, but to me, this image represents the impact that I hoped the iNFable brand would bring to the world.

Vastly different people, from a range of generations, ethnic groups, socio-economic groups, and geographic locations seeing that there is a common thread that binds humanity together and it resides within our vulnerabilities of life's humbling experiences [brought together by socks].

The man-made silos of political factions, racial division, and religious differentiation can be overcome by realizing that humanity has far more in common than the barriers that we allow to stir up fear, hate, and callousness as if those differences make anyone less valuable or less human.

My goal and mission is to show everyone in the world that they matter, and that they were created with innate goodness. And this is how we should see those around us.