Bully-Proof Novelty Socks - Raise Awareness Against Bullying!

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Step up your kid's sock game with iNFable Bully Awareness Novelty socks! Our bold and colorful branding raises awareness about bullying and helps your little ones stand up for themselves and others in a fun and fashionable way. Made with a comfortable blend of cotton, Spandex, and polyester, these socks are perfect for all-day wear. And with a unisex design, they're a great gift for both boys and girls. Featuring blue socks with purple and teal accents, our socks are perfect for Big Kids size 12-3. So why settle for boring socks when you can rock iNFable Bully Awareness Novelty socks and spread awareness in style? Shop now and take a step towards a bullying-free future!


iNFable brand Unisex Novelty socks
*Material: 80% cotton, 9% Spandez, 11% polyester
* Unisex
* Big Kids size 12-3