Human connections and a shared spirit; that’s what iNFable socks represent

Guest Post

Human connections and a shared spirit; that’s what iNFable socks represent within the fashion industry. Accessories are either functional or stylish. iNFable socks are both, but with a powerful meaning. They bring awareness to medical and social causes through creative designs. iNFable allows people to be expressive, while supporting one another. 


We’re all connected. The issues of the world impact all of us in some way. Each iNFable sock design represents a cause worth fighting for. They’re philanthropic in their pursuits to help  diminish these ailments of the body, society, and environment. Motivated by their purpose to create unity, iNFable is a brand that gives back in more ways than one! A portion of all sales are donated to nonprofit organizations. Over 20 so far, have been given socks provided  by iNFable.  Since 2018, iNFable socks have been changing the world, every step of the way, through fun bright colorful footwear.


Just in time for February, iNFable has released four sock styles inspired by Black History Month. Each eclectic pair has beautiful Afrocentric inspired designs, and a strong bold color palette. The Black Lives Matter movement continues to impact the world. It’s clear where they stand. iNFable strives to promote equality and support to black people and anyone else whose lives have been affected by injustice and racism. 


What can we do to support change? The first step is to encourage positivity and love. iNFable continues to be an excellent example of integrity in the fashion industry. The call to action for any cause starts with the one. iNFable believes each person is born with innate value. Every person has the power to make and impact. Socks are a fun way to express unique style, but also an even better way to make the whole dang world, a better place.