iNFable – Spearheading Positive Change in Humanity One Sock at A Time

Since first established back in 2018 by John F. Hendershot, iNFable has already left a lasting mark within society as a whole. Featuring over 50 quality sock designs, every single purchase instills a deeper meaning and purpose than just obtaining a shared opulent experience. You see, iNFable is much more than just selling an array of 80% combed cotton novelty socks in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan. The business's entire core foundation revolves around causes, giving back to the community, and being a spearheading advocate for those in need. The dedicated team has grown the brand into a leading social enterprise over the last 2+ years, proudly spreading awareness of prevalent human dividing factors and using their socks to bridge those gaps to form wonderful unification and equality.

What Does iNFable Advocate Exactly?

Every sock that iNFable showcases come with a distinct purpose; to give back to the community and planet to build a brighter future while also providing people fun quality socks to improve their quality of life. And you can have the solidifying confidence that each purchase is donated to charities and nonprofits to support that mission. But the key thing to understand here is that Though each of the 50+ sock designs aims to support bringing people together through the common cause, each has its individual focus.

For example, the very first sock design that iNFable created was made to support Foster Care and aid children to have better experiences within the foster care system across multiple west Michigan agencies. Since then, the iNFable team has touched many more community areas and has branched into surfacing awareness of humanity dividing factors such as race, ethnic groups, geographical locales, gender, religions, etc., to promote a more equitable society by using their socks to bridge the divide.

Highlighted Causes iNFable Associates With

Do you have a cause you are passionate about? If so, then have the peace of mind knowing that you do have a say in where the donations go. All you have to do is invest in the particular design associated with that said cause and feel the gratification of doing your part to better humanity. With that being said, there are many causes that iNFable is associated with, some of which include:

·      Foster Care Awareness

·      SIDS Awareness

·      Leukemia Awareness

·      Mental Health Awareness

·      Human Rights for Care Givers

·      Refugee Awareness

·      Autism Awareness

·      Autism Awareness

·      Alzheimer’s Awareness

·      Infertility Awareness

·      COVID-19 Awareness

·      Substance Abuse Awareness

·      Diverse Cancer Awareness

·      Diabetes Awareness

·      Hashimoto's Encephalitis Awareness

·      Hepatitis C Awareness

·      Animal Abuse Awareness

·      Plus, many more

Conclusion – More Than Just Novelty Socks

Let’s face it; you can find a pair of socks just about anywhere. You can head over to Google right now, type in “novelty socks” and find a million to choose from. But what you cannot find is quality, one of a kind socks that also come with a revolutionizing purpose. Overall, the underlying mission for iNFable is to make individual lives and the world in general better through their high-quality socks and associated causes. From social, medical, to environmental, each sock design represents its own unique cause, and when you invest, you can be a driving supporter for positive transformations as well.

In the end, iNFable is a social enterprise that sells more than just novelty socks; they are boldly selling advocation, change, enlightenment, and awareness towards causes that deeply affect humanity. So, if you are ready to become part of something bigger than yourself, go ahead and pick out your favorite pair, or pairs, from their store. In the end, there is nothing quite like the powerful and invigorating feeling of knowing you are contributing to a higher movement, all while being optimally cozy along the way.