Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) - Did You Know?

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a kind of depression that is highly linked to the changes in seasons that start and end at approximately the same time every year. SAD is a mood disorder that affects those people who usually have normal mental health during the whole year, however, they suffer from this disorder in a particular season usually in winters.


 The specific causes that lead a person to the seasonal affective disorder are not exactly known. But, it is observed that it usually occurs during the winter season because of some reasons. Serotonin is a brain chemical that highly affects the mood and it also plays a role in SAD. The serotonin level gets dropped by the reduction in sunlight that triggers the depression. Besides, the reduced level of sunlight may disturb your body's internal clock that also causes this disorder. The balance of body melatonin level is also disrupted due to the changes in season that highly contribute to activate the seasonal affective disorder.


 The symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are observed more in women as compared to men. And, as compared to the older adults, its signs are more common in younger adults.


 In most of the cases, this disorder appears during early winter or late fall on the sunniest day of the summer or spring. As the season progresses, the symptoms begin and get severe over time. The signs of SAD include feelings of depression, losing interest in studies; have overall low body energy, facing problems with having a good sleep, experience several changes in weight or appetite, having thoughts of suicide or death, feeling worthless, guilty, or hopeless.


 Seasonal affective disorder can get worse and lead to various other problems; therefore, there is a need to take the signs and symptoms of this disorder seriously. The risks and complications of this disorder include social withdrawal, substance abuse, suicidal behaviors and thoughts, problems at school or work, or other mental health disorders such as eating disorders or anxiety.


 If the symptoms of SAD are diagnosed and treated before they get severe, complications can be prevented with the help of effective treatments.


 Mostly, the people do not know about this disorder and they stay completely unaware of it. The symptoms of this disorder get worse day by day that leads to several other complications. Therefore, seasonal affective disorder awareness is highly required to let people know about its complications.


SAD (Seasonal Affective disorder) awareness socks in their purple hue are mainly designed to raise the awareness of this disorder among people. The more people know this condition, the more they will get to know its complications, causes, and treatment methods.