iNFable socks CEO Attah Obande's daughter

Our Mission

We love people. And we love socks. So we set out on a mission to make people’s lives—and the whole dang world—better through eye-catching, high-quality socks.

Each sock design represents and supports a cause, from social to medical to environmental. Because, as humans living on planet Earth, we’re sure of one thing: everybody is impacted by something. So we decided to take those somethings and turn them into something even more: human connection via shared experiences via cozy socks. Win-win-win.

Our Story

At iNFable, every sock is packed with a purpose. We are bringing people together to support a common cause by creating bold, fun and quality socks, each with a specific cause focus. A portion of every purchase made at iNFable is donated to charities and nonprofits working towards a brighter future for our community and our planet.

We believe that every person was created with innate value, so much value that they are too great to be expressed or described in words.

Fun socks can brighten your day and add personality to your style. They can also help brighten the days of others. Whether you are behind a desk in corporate America or pacing the floor of a factory warehouse, we have a sock for you that supports a cause you care deeply about.

The first sock design we made was in support of Foster Care. Rachel Hendershot spent 20 years working directly with the foster care community, where she saw firsthand what many foster children have to overcome. Her experience inspired us to make our campaign to aid children in the foster care system. Through this we have been able to help kids at multiple agencies across west Michigan.

At iNFable, we are always striving to find more ways to make the world a better place by fostering new partnerships to bring awareness to different causes and issues. We believe that everyone can take steps to help create a more just and equitable society. The beauty of all of us uniting together is too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words. iNFable.


Since 2002, John F. Hendershot has worked in numerous corporate positions throughout West Michigan. Like many businessmen in the finance industry, he was held to strict dress codes, often requiring specific suit jackets, shirts, and ties, including restrictions regarding footwear. This is when John started to enjoy using socks as a way of self-expression. 

John founded iNFable in 2018 after deciding to take his love of fun, bright, and quality socks and combining it with his passion to make a difference.

“What we are doing here is bigger than socks. We are uniting people who have absolutely nothing in common other than a cause-connection. This is humanity at its finest!”



John and Attah's iNFable socks children's book