Mental Health Awareness - Did you Know?

*Guest Post

Mental health is as same as physical health in different ways, and everybody needs to take care of it as it’s critical for personal well-being at every step of life. Being generally able to feel, react and think in such ways that you wish and require to live your life fully are the signs of good mental health. 


Disabling conditions and mental health disorders are real that have a huge impact on people globally. The disorders of mental health differ in their severity and types. In a given year, one in four adults in the US usually suffers from mental health illnesses. Overall, mental health disorders affect 46% of the teenagers, 19% of the adult population, and 13% of the children every year. You may found people suffering mentally in your friend circle, next door, or in the same church pew. 


However, approximately half of those people are not getting proper treatment might be because of the stigma related to mental health. Even, 2/3rd of the people with diagnosable mental disorders do not actually seek treatment by themselves.  Treatment approaches of mental illnesses vary according to the type and severity. Some of the approaches to mental illnesses include meditation therapy, counseling, psychotherapy or rehabilitation etc. 


If the mental health illnesses left untreated, it can lead to poor performance at school or work, severe physical ailments, fewer opportunities for employment, and even increase the susceptibility of suicide. Therefore, immediate attention is required to treat mental health illnesses. We can only make progress if our society tends to prioritize their mental health and seek their treatments as they find treatments for the physical ailments. There would be no one left who is not able to seek out the treatment for mental illnesses. 


According to some studies, the stigma attached to mental health illnesses is still powerful, although, the general perception related to mental health illness has improved in recent times. This stigma does not only affect those people who seek out treatment but also the number of resources available in the market for proper treatment. People suffering from mental health diseases feel overwhelming obstacles because of the stigma and misinformation related to it. But, there is a need to raise awareness about the potential risks of mental illness among people by doing some powerful activities. 


We need to show respect and acceptance for such individuals as this can reduce the significant obstacles in their way to overcome illnesses successfully. Awareness of such disorders can make the biggest difference for those people who are struggling with it. We need to ensure that such individuals have the same right as other members of your community, school, or churches. Mental health awareness can be increased with proper funding that gives a way to help those people who need it desperately. 


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