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Animal Abuse Awareness socks [dedicated to Pops] [Pre Order]

Animal Abuse Awareness socks [dedicated to Pops] [Pre Order]

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  • Animal Abuse Awareness Socks

  • From genetic mutations in broiler chickens to killing animals for their furs, the statistics of animal abuse are embarrassingly high. It’s also estimated that 115 million animals are used in labs for testing. Animals don’t deserve this kind of abuse. 

    There should be laws to protect animals and accountability of those who disregard their well-being. Torturing animals for capital gains is not only horrific but inhumane. There should be more awareness of animal abuse and movements to stop it once and for all. 

    The ‘Animal Abuse Awareness’ socks feature a cute puppy pattern and serve as a reminder to support the cause. This can be your contribution towards protecting animals from abuse by empowering organizations that work to save these animals. 

    • Material:
    • Color: Purple and Black
    • Unisex
    • 23 cm (Men’s size 8-12)

    10% of the net profit from the sale of these socks goes to a non-profit.